The future!

Chris and I are having lots of discussions about what we want to do with Boffo TC, and we have even contacted a few of our old drama school buddies to see if they are interested in joining our venture.  It’s all very exciting for us, and we can’t stop talking about it!  We are still hoping to do Pinter’s “Old Times” with Carly Caller (provided we can get the performance rights) and we have now also started writing our own piece of theatre.  Won’t say what about yet. Don’t want you guys stealing our ideas. 😉 We are also looking into bringing our workshops to other countries.  I already do workshops in England, so why not do them somewhere else and have a holiday at the same time?! Seems a good plan! (looking at the rain and fog through the window…) So that’s what we’re doing at the moment anyway. We’ll keep you updated. Ta! Heidi


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  1. Posted by Jhea on March 15, 2011 at 5:52 am

    Hey guys, why not do a workshop in the states. Austin is very hip city. Good theatre here. I can see a workshop going really well. Jane-Ann & ms. kirkland will be here in the end of july, into august for a visit. I will look into venues etc w summer finley she knows a lot more people in this town. Let me know what you think. Jhea


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