Plans, plans, plans

Since posting in April we’ve been told that the rights to Pinter’s ‘Old Times’ are not currently available. This was a blow after we’d become so excited about mounting a production as our debut show, but we’re now deciding on a replacement play. Things are moving slowly with all our other real-life commitments but I have the definite feeling that once our first project truly gets under way everything will accelerate!

At present the main contenders are ‘Huis Clos’ by Sartre (which has many English translations, such as ‘No Exit’, ‘In Camera’ and ‘Vicious Circle’) and ‘After Miss Julie’ by Patrick Marber. Of course we need to find out about the rights before getting carried away this time… and there are still lots of other plays to read. We’ll let you know when we make a decision and will blog much more regularly once rehearsals are in progress.

We also have several other ideas for the future. I won’t go into too much detail just yet, but I will mention that Shakespeare is involved, as are European theatre companies… It’s all rather exciting!


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