Professional Connection

It’s Saturday morning, 5th November, and I’ve just attended an acting course in London.
After having spent so many years directing and teaching acting, I felt a great need to go through some professional development and get some new ideas. After searching through the Internet, I discovered a real lack of opportunity for this locally and in London, especially for the sort of money I could afford.
I did however find Professional Connection, which offered just what I was looking for, a 5 week acting course for professional actors, to brush up on skills and to enable out-of-work professionals to work with others in the same position. I booked on before I had time to chicken out. :-S
So on Saturday morning, 5th November, I got on a train to London. When I got there I met the director, Anthony Middleton, and six other actors. It was very comforting to discover that we were all terrified, not just me.
We spent the next two hours, doing exercises that took me back to my drama-school days. Proper warm-ups, zip zap Boing, vocal work, throwing balls etc.
Today’s class focused on Shakespeare, so I was in my element. We worked on one speech, from Midsummer Night’s Dream, for over an hour, and we all performed it twice for the others. Once, then a second time after being given direction.
I’ve left the class feeling more confident and excited about Boffo’s future and I’ve met some very lovely and talented people. I can’t wait for next Saturday!
Heidi xxx


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