Prof. Connection 2

Hello again!
I’m on a train from Charing Cross back to Kent after the fourth acting session with Tony Middleton from Professional Connection. I realise I’ve only told you about the first session, which again tells me how rubbish I am at updating this blog!

In the last few weeks we’ve had an extremely tense and emotional session exploring and interpreting each others physicality and thoughts/reactions, we’ve rehearsed a few scenes from a new play with the playwright present (eeeeek) and at the end of last week’s session we were given homework.

This homework has haunted me for the last seven days…

We were given questions to answer from an observation of someone. Pretty straight forward. The bit that made me nervy is the bit about using these characters through improvisation. I am so glad I forced myself to go because it was an amazing session.

The actors I’m working with are wonderful and they are all very supportive of each other. It’s an open space where you feel safe enough to explore freely, without worrying that you’ll make an idiot of yourself! Refreshing! They’re all extremely skilled and professional and a great joy to work with!

The characters that were created in our rehearsal space today are worthy of their own production, and it is really sad to see them go. I’d go into detail, but I might just use them all in a play myself. I’ll let you know if they come back to life. 😉

Once again I’ve come out full of enthusiasm and inspiration. I don’t want this workshop to end.
Heidi xxx


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