What we’ve been up to recently

As we finally get off the ground, I thought I’d tell anyone out there what sort of things we’ve been doing since taking part in ‘Write Here’ back at the end of March.

I (Chris) enjoyed a day’s workshop with the Ibsen Stage Company a few weeks ago (www.ibsenstage.com), who cast me in 3 excellent productions several years back. It was a welcome return to the utterly unique world of company founder/director/adaptor-of-Scandinavian-theatre extraordinaire Terje Tveit as me and a handful of other actors improvised around his new modern version of Hedda Gabler, a work in progress, and generally had a lot of fun sparking off of one another (and a double-bass!). It will be interesting to see what this great company does with the script and what else they’ve got in the pipeline.

Then the last three weeks or so have been very busy, performance-wise, which has been great! My brother got me involved in a film shoot for an online ‘save the bees’ campaign for the Friends Of The Earth charity. I’m proud to say Rob Garwood is a very talented film-maker and editor and he’s recently been doing a lot of work for his friend and colleague Edward L Dark of Button Up Productions (www.buttonupproductions.com), who directed the bees film. I was on set for half a day, the set for this part of the ad being an authentic South London greasyspoon cafe, and had a lot of fun acting opposite a very friendly lady who was dressed as – can you guess – a bee! My role was to play a businessman looking on in bemusement turning to disgust and horror as said insect pours an endless stream of honey into my early morning coffee. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Even more recently I’ve done a couple of kids theatre related things, but I’ll save those for the next post before I write too much about me!

Meanwhile Heidi is enjoying the incredible experience of taking part in the Olympics opening ceremony. I know there’s a lot of negative publicity surrounding the Olympics right now but Heidi says the whole thing is going to be amazing (not that I’m allowed to say anything about what it will involve, on pain of death!). It’s been very tiring for Heidi but the adrenaline is kicking in now with just one week to go. And lucky me gets to go to the stadium on Wednesday to see the technical rehearsal!

Once the 27th July has been and gone, we’re going to knuckle down and focus on publicising our drama classes to people who don’t already know us… But bookings are going well so far: one of the classes is nearly full already!



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