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One week done!

Three perfomances of David Tristram’s “Hypnosis” has now been done.  I get to change outfits for almost every scene I’m in, get angry, cry and flirt.  I’m worried that friends who have come to watch me will never be able to look me in the eye again though, after hearing me fake an orgasm backstage…  Thank you, Tristram, for that…  The script is fantastically funny and it’s a gift to an actor and director.  The audiences seem to be enjoying it, and we certainly are, both onstage and backstage.  Our stage manager and myself are building up a kinder egg toy collection which we amuse ourselves with when we’re not busy with props or quick changes.  We have a wonderful team with us at RaTS, and it is a joy going in to the theatre to perform.  Sadly we now only have three performances left, and ‘acting-depression’ will hit. Quick, get busy with the next project!!!

Tristram is keeping an ‘eye’ on how our production is going which is wonderful.  Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with people you would otherwise never be able to communicate with.  The next Tristram play will be in September. Would be lovely to be part of that one too, but that’s all up to the almighty director, Kathy West.  Crossing fingers and toes.

One week to go, three performances, and it’s goodbye to “Hypnosis”. Heidi xxx


Four days till I’m hypnotised

Tomorrow is our last rehearsal for “Hypnosis” by David Tristram before our opening night on Thursday.  Ticket sales are going extremely well so pressure is on! Our last rehearsal went well, quick changes and all, thanks to our fantastic backstage lady Charlotte Caston.  She’s very efficient and professional, which makes the stressy bits so much more relaxing.  Now all I’m worried about is the audience.  When you stop worrying about one thing, find another right? 😉 Now I’m having nightmares about the audience just not finding it funny!  Silent audience watching a comedy… Nothing worse… Well, in a couple of weeks this whole experience will be over. Now that the production is ready it seems a shame only doing 6 shows, but that’s the way it goes. Fingers crossed for Thursday! Heidi

Progress on Tristram

Three weeks away from opening night of “Hypnosis” and we are happily dealing with quick changes, pizza and a million different props.  I have learnt my lines and, with the help of my stage manager, my quick changes don’t seem to be causing too many problems.  Some seem to be struggling a bit with lines. But I’m always prepared to skip ahead in the script, depending on what line is given to me!  Fingers crossed though, the show should be a good one!   Heidi


Had a fab time last night with my fellow cast members and our director having our second read through for David Tristram’s “Hypnosis”.  Tristram’s writing is fantastic.  His lines are always extremely easy to learn as they are written in the way you would normally speak.  It is also extremely physical so we are all looking forward to rehearsing all the bits of business; magic show with disappearing and reappearing wallets and watches, animal impersonations and at one point I grab Gordo’s privates as he is about to insert a big needle into my hand.  All good fun.  😉  We are starting proper rehearsals early January, so till then all I have to do is learn my lines. Should be all right, do you reckon…? Heidi