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A plan coming together!

We’ve somehow ended up in February!  Time travels too fast.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that we’ve finally decided on our first few projects!  Now all we need is to find time to work on them. AAAAArrrrgggggh!

I’m again busy working on a play at our local Oasthouse Theatre.  “Kindertransport” will open mid-March, for six performances, and will end just in time for me to start rehearsals for the Olympic Opening Ceremony!   Again I would like to say, Aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhh!

But alongside these projects I am also directing my youth theatre’s production of Caucasian Chalk Circle, planning the next adventures for my other youth group, Musical Misfits, and of course attempting to move Boffo forwards to a prosperous 2013.

We’ve been discussing what the purpose of Boffo should be, trying to force ourselves to choose a direction, but we’ve quite happily settled on something very simple.  We would like to entertain.

Like I said, we’ve finally decided on our first few projects.  We’ve put together the synopsis for a children’s play that we are intending to offer out to wherever there is a performance space available.  I don’t want to say too much, but it involves gigantic toyblocks and lots of homemade cushions.  :-S

Our second project is also for children.  The storyline will be created by our two children, aged 4 and 6, and so far it includes a pyramid, sinking sand, cowboys and squids.  It’ll be an interesting one.

Our third project will be an evening of shorter plays for adults, and so far none of them include squids or cowboys.

Heidi x


It has started!

Hello everyone!
Once again it has been awhile since we’ve written anything, and things have happened. Nothing life-changing, but still. We’ve finally finalised our battle-plan, so we go towards Christmas with a clear idea of what we want to achieve with our little theatre company.

We are still choosing plays for our first season. It’s taking a lot longer than we expected, but we don’t want to rush into anything. We’d rather take our time picking one so we know it’s the right one.
We are planning acting courses that we are aiming to offer from next summer onwards, and that fills us with excitement! Again, takes a lot of planning to get it right.

In the meantime, we’ve kept ourselves busy. I taught a workshop for children at the Oxford Playhouse for the first time a few weeks ago. Despite the awful journey there and back it was worth it purely to work in a bright open space with lots of imaginative children.

This morning I travelled to London to take part in an acting course for professional actors. It was a relief to find wonderful, open people to work with and a very kind director helping us brush up on our skills. I’m writing this on the train back to Kent, so I apologise for the quality of these scribbles!

My wonderful youth group had their opening night last night, performing a children’s play about a journey to find toys. They’ve worked on this play since this spring, and a lot of hard work has been into it. 5 more shows and it’s all over.
On that depressed note, I’ll say goodbye/ha det for now and I will endeavour to bore you more often.
Sweet daydreams!
Heidi xxx


My youth group of 9-12 year olds had their showcase today.  They produced a piece of theatre in aid of the charity Shelter.  The young actors took their task so seriously, researched the charity and their work and put together a very moving piece of theatre.  I am in constant awe of these young actors’ talent and generosity.         Heidi